Jewish National Charity Real Estate Florida

Sell off A Property through a Realtor Based in Davie, FL

At the JNC – Jewish National Charity, we realize that the death of a loved one or a divorce can be a stressful, turbulent time. Genuinely passionate about Tzedakah, we provide people from all backgrounds access to affordable rental accommodation and housing options.
We believe that once we come together as a community, the possibilities are limitless. Motivated to eliminate the menace of poverty and hunger, Cintia Dini uses her experience of working within the commercial and residential real estate market to your advantage. A Fort Lauderdale, Miami based real estate agent, Cintia Dini can help you list your home, stage your house, and deliver outstanding customer service. An expert in understanding wills, divorces, and probates. She knows how to handle complex processes.

Get JNC to Negotiate Your Property Deals

With property buyers seeking 3D walkthroughs, well-crafted 2D floor plans, and high-resolution 360 professional photographs, JNC provides you all-inclusive, complimentary services for selling off your property. Even if you’re looking to renovate your house, our interactive dollhouse view technology can help you identify any ‘dead zones’ and architectural features within a property. Giving you the option to view a property from all angles, the technology is easy to use and interact with.

For amateurs, there is a lot of guesswork involved in selling a property, leading you to make mistakes. Being skilled and experienced enough to handle emotional transactions, Cintia can help you avoid pitfalls along the way while selling off your property for the highest price possible. Determined to bring a difference, Cintia aims to translate everyone’s dream of owning a house into a reality. A staunch believer in giving back to the community without allowing it to impact your self-esteem, Cintia protects your identity. An obligation for us, caring for the community, has long been a part of our value system. Closely aligning ourselves with ethical considerations, our Florida based real estate agents ensure your property is advertised truthfully and that your interest is put forward each step of the way.
Whether it is pricing the property correctly, marketing it, making sure the buyer is qualified, or communicating effectively, leave the hard work to a Florida based licensed realtor. At our core, JNC works to support our community through generosity and compassion. Firmly focused on reducing inequalities found in our everyday life, our higher purpose is to uplift people around us. So, to get in touch with Cintia directly, call at 786-444-6000 or email her at

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