Jewish National Charity Licensed Insurance Florida

Hire a Licensed Insurance Agent’s Help in Florida

An insurance policy protects you and your assets from financial risks. An insurance policy can’t stop something from happening, but it can indeed save you financially if something unexpected happens. With a variety of insurance policies to choose between, JNC- Jewish National Charity provides you access to licensed property and casualty, life and health, and general liability insurance agents. Given that there is a high degree of value associated with a specific asset or given that you require financial protection in case you’re sued, insurance helps provide you broad-focus coverage. Each particular type of insurance caters to a different set of needs. Our property and health insurance agents are licensed in the state of Florida, granting you peace of mind and a sense of safety.
All organizations require insurance to protect their present and future. Eliminating costs associated with liability claims, property damage, medical expenses, or the sudden death of a family member, our agents have life and health and business purposes only insurance licenses for the state of Florida.

Protect Your Interests with Our Licensed Insurance Agent in Florida

No matter the scale of your business, a general liability insurance policy for small businesses in Florida is paramount. Preventing the need to pay out of your own pocket, our home business insurance licensed agents can safeguard your venture’s finances and its sustainability. With Tzedakah being at the core of JNC, you’ll see us serving your needs each step of the way. Our goal is to make your lives better, which is why we customize each experience for your convenience. So, if you need to hire a life insurance licensed agent in Florida, then make your way to JNC.

A fundamental aspect of our value system, JNC, believes in serving the needy and creating a change within the society. With each individual’s problem an equal priority for us, we’ve built our reputation through efficiency and sheer competence. A property and casualty licensed agent based in Florida, David Bromberg has the experience and skillset to handle property, health, and life and casualty insurance policies. A true believer in uplifting and supporting the community around him, you can ask David for a free quote. To do so, you can email him at

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