David Bromberg

“Making a difference – this doesn’t essentially have to be as big of a deal as moving mountains. However, if you are blessed with requisite opportunities, health, a family, and everything that you need to have a serene life, it comes out as a bigger obligation to you to make a better change in the world and do your part to help ease down life for those having it the harder way. Some would ask for help, some would raise pleas, but still, there are so many out there in the world who would not say a word even if they are at the extremity of their miseries. It is our obligation to approach them and help them get out of the muddle of grief. For what use is your accomplished life, if you didn’t pay back to the world, a token of thanks, for what you have been blessed and awarded.” – David Bromberg

With traits of Passion, Compassion and Determination to contribute his bit for a better change –

Meet the founder, David Bromberg. Born and raised in River Vale, New Jersey, graduated from Florida Atlanta University with a B.S. in Health Sciences, David Bromberg formerly served as a recognized therapist in Florida and later switched over to Finance domain working as an investment broker. There was no looking back as he headed on with his new career that eventually turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life.

Having an excited career in the investments and brokerage world, spanning over twenty years and having made a notable mark as an eminent broker, David Bromberg decided to pay something back to the world, something that would help better people’s condition and help them get away from their misfortune and assist them in strengthening their roots to aid them to stand on their own two feet. Having raised millions of dollars in the investment world during the course of his professional life, he decided it was the right time to give his career a rest and follow his passion.

His initials offers to serve and join hands with around a dozen notable Jewish charity organization was turned down, but despite the not-so- encouraging start, he didn’t let his dream die. And that is when he came up with his brain child – the Jewish National Charity, an organization that would strive to eliminate the menace of hunger and poverty in South Florida. The professional mastery he holds in the areas of resource management and distribution networks, accounting, banking and inventory controls came in handy as he was laying the foundation of the organization.

Through his knowledge and expertise in his specific domain, he devised signature voucher system that is a one if its kind feat to let people buy food or medication or the essential necessities of life, while also keeping a check on the fair use of vouchers and that it reaches into the hands of the genuinely eligible and needy ones only. The system has been effectively running for around 2 years now. David Bromberg’s credo revolves around helping people in a way, that never touches their self esteem but rather, emulates help as a timely surprise, bringing an instant smile on their face and keeps them guessing where it actually came from.

His personal favorite moments were when he sent chilled Coca Cola containers to the IDF soldiers serving the border security and when he anonymously paid for the soldiers’ bill at a restaurant, disguising it as a complementary lunch from the restaurant management. The glow of a pleasant surprise that appears on the recipients’ faces when they see an invisible hand blessing them is exactly what keeps him fueled and motivated for more.

Email David at dbromberg@jewishnationalcharity.org

Dr Yoram Fay

“You cannot elevate yourself to the highest stage of knowledge and wisdom, until you adorn yourself with the qualities of kindness and compassion. Speak in compassion and kindness and you won’t need an evidence or validation of your point. And more than that, you will not only be heard but understood, in a better, influential way.” – Dr Yoram Fay

With traits of honesty, humbleness and wisdom – Meet Dr Yoram Fay, General Counselor for Legal Affairs.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1959, Dr Yoram Fay has spent a major part of his life in the Holy Land. Since his elementary academics to being graduated from Tel Aviv University in 1987, Dr Yoram Fay’s entire academic journey is punctuated with notable highlights and flying colors. After completing his graduation in 1987, he joined Israel Association as a permanent member and hence started his professional phase of life that brought to him a number of incredible career hall marks on his profile.

He initiated his career in law by practicing at top notch legal firms in Israel and finally ended up establishing his own independent law services offices in 1994. He was offered a teaching position in Tel Aviv University, which he accepted, and taught The Law of Evidence and The Jewish Law, in addition to his regular law practices.Meanwhile, he also became a part of Israeli Labor Association and was promoted as the Vice Chairman of Committees in Israeli Bar Association, in district Tel Aviv.

Along with his practice at bar and law teaching, he pursued higher studies too and sought a post graduation of Israeli Institute of Qualifying Judges, another graduation in Media Advocacy Planning of Israeli Bar Association, and finally a post graduation from College of London, the educational division of the UIC, set up in Dover, Delaware.

He received his PhD in law, from Trinity University on April 10th, 2005. Dr Yoram Fay is a polyglot and is well versed and fluent in English, Hebrew and Hungarian. Dr Yoram has maintained the perfect balance between his education, professional life and social welfare activities.

He possesses an immense experience and expertise of twenty five years, in the procurement, allocation and distribution of charitable proceeds. He looks after the purchase and distribution proceedings of charity, vouchers, medicine, essential supplies like blankets, heaters, first aid and life saving medication and treatment to the needy, unprivileged and elderly, in Israel. Intellectual as well as down-to earth, he is a good and trusted friend of David Bromberg and has been serving the Jewish National Charity as General Counselor for Legal Affairs, looking after the organizations legal proceedings.At present, besides the charity work, he serves as an active member of district Bar Association in Tel Aviv, as Deputy Chairman of Committee for Labor and Co Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Profession in Tel Aviv.

Email Dr Yoram at dryfay@jewishnationalcharity.org

Cintia Dini

“Kindness costs nothing and neither does love. Small kind gestures and little acts of love, hold in their essence a tremendous capacity to multiply and let their positive impact go viral and engulf everyone in its fold. This is the only way we can transform a better world. This is not a mere matter of choice; we all should play our part.” – Cintia Dini

Empathic, Committed and a power house of motivation for everyone onboard –

She inferred that life needs more than just food, water or air to survive. It needs love and compassion to flourish and grow and without it, humanity would lose its meaning and purpose. It is this realization that has been keeping her Tzedakah on going and bringing more and more needy persons under its benefiting umbrella.

Her passion for human welfare and to work beside David as his constant support system, Cintia is currently on a career break to invest her time and consume her professional expertise and sound experience, particularly in the real estate domain, to help people of the low earning class gain access to affordable housing and rental accommodations.

She is halfway through devising a low cost rental accommodation and affordable residential and commercial property for poor and less privileged people who can hardly make both ends meet. She aspires to bring everyone’s dream of owning his or her own house a reality and it is this motivation that keeps her fueled to work tirelessly and seek for other ways as well to satiate her penchant for charity and public welfare. Besides, she is an enthusiastic activist for disaster management and relief services and was one of the first five responders for rescue and relief program, after the AMIA Bombing Incident in Buenos Aires.

It was her inspirational force that triggered the idea of Jewish National Charity. Born and raised in Mar De Plata, Argentina, she has spent two years of her life in Europe and speaks English, Spanish, and German. She moved over to the United States 16 years ago and holds strong and credible professional expertise in the high end residential and commercial real estate. She has been through an enlightening phase in her life, during the study and research process, prior to her eventual Orthodox conversion.

Meet Cintia Dini, the General Secretary
While the Jewish National Charity was definitely David Brombergs dream of a lifetime, but it was Cintia Dini who made sure it turned into a reality. Over the course of their life, she had seen her husband giving donations to charities and supporting welfare causes She witnessed passion for humanity and how seeing people struggling with life’s miseries would bring him restlessness and gloom.

She was among the most efficient relief volunteers who immediately reacted to the call and reached the site with food, first aid and medical supplies. As well she also went to visit the people of Chernobyl after the catastrophe to bring them food and clothing in a communist country. At present, she lives in the United States along with her husband and is an active social reformer, catering to the needs of the people and resolving issues arising within her community.

Email Cintia Dini at cdini@jewishnationalcharity.org

Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD,FAAFP,FASAM

“A society flourishes and grows when it treats everyone on egalitarian principles, treating everyone as equal. If we continued to treat those with less privileges and perks of life as inferior, as lepers or a hideous mark on the face of our so called progressing society, we are in no way heading towards a durable progress. Our collective success lies in growing and progressing together, hand in hand, and to make it possible, we must extend our hand to bring the deprived segments of society and make them an effective part of our great leap forward towards societal prosperity.” – Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger

Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD,FAAFP,FASAM is a board-certified family physician in private practice (Aventura,FL). He received his medical education in Germany and Israel and completed his residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.

He received additional training in addiction medicine and is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.Dr. Wollschlaeger also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine, The Florida International and the Florida State University College of Medicine.

He is a former Board member of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians (FAFP) and is the Past President of the Dade County Medical Association and the Past President of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine. In 2012 Dr. Wollschlaeger was honored as the FAFP Family Doctor of the YearDr. Wollschlaeger’s medical office also received the NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition (PCMH) and offers high quality medical services utilizing state-of-the-art medical information technology solutions.

Dr. Wollschlaeger is also a book author, and his book “A German Life: Against All Odds Change is Possible” describes his struggle growing up in Germany in the shadow of his Father, a highly-decorated WWII tank commander and Nazi officer. He eventually converted to Judaism, emigrated to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces as a Medical Officer. In Spring 2013 he will release his novel “Samson’s Shadow” and in Summer 2013 his book “ Stauffenberg: My Live in the Shadow of a Hero.”

Dennis Ardine

“ Never doubt that community service from a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it can.
Meet Dennis Ardine, Director of Grants and Fundraising.

Dennis Ardine is originally from New York City, New York his prior career as a branch office manager for an institutional stock brokerage firm with offices in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Montreal. He was an active member of The New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and the N.A.S.D. He was also a managing partner of the A Securities consulting firm.

Josh Burke

“Every single person can make a difference.  It’s just whether or not you put in the work and dedication to do it. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, even changing the world.”

Josh Burke resides in South Florida with his parents and his brother. He attends public high school and has been involved in Student Council, debate, drama, and sports.

People describe Josh as a very outgoing, friendly, and well-rounded person who is also a hard worker. He loves to keep himself occupied with his hobbies including DJinglearning new thingssports, and theatre.

At a very young age, Josh developed a passion for business. He started his own dog-sitting company with his brother, and also started to DJ at parties. During Coronavirus Quarantine, Josh started working for clients on a freelance platform and broadened his skills.  He is tech savvy and enjoys practicing skills such as website development, SEO, and social media marketing   During this time, Josh worked with several non-profits providing digital marketing and technical expertise.

Josh had his B’nai Mitzvah with his brother at their synagogue two years ago. Since then, Josh has been active in his Jewish community.  He was involved in setting up a session where two Holocaust survivors came to talk to middle school students about the Holocaust. Josh attends Hebrew school and is working toward his confirmation.

Josh is a big sports enthusiast, finishing his football season undefeated on his high school team. Josh loves many sports including basketball, soccer, and skiing.  (He also loves shoveling snow.)

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