Jewish Charity National Organizations


“If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother” Deuteronomy 15:7

“Open your hand generously to him” Devarim 15:8

“Let your brother live alongside with you” Vayikra 25:36


Our Mission

Our main mission is to relieve the fear and uncertainty of food insecurity for families. By being there to listen, by providing a safety net, and the knowledge that they will have food and the basic necessities for their children, we are literally saving families. Guided by compassion and generosity, we reach out to all victims of poverty regardless of race, color, national origin or disability. We provide food for today and hope for tomorrow, because hunger should never be a
childhood memory.


Our Services

We realize that the passing of a loved can can be a very stressful time, Whether you do not live locally and a parent has passed on or moving to assisted living, or you simply want to downsize. Please allow our preferred realtor to assist you in your difficult time of need.Please click here to learn more.

Uplifting Individuals & Families through Judaism and Charity

One of the primary tenets of Judaism is to give support to those around you, whether it is through emotional support, financial support or physical support. Drawing from the values passed onto us through our ancestors, our national charity works to pull out communities and families from the menace of poverty and hunger. We, at JNC, use all our means and sources to provide basic necessities to less fortunate communities. A safety net for those struggling to survive, we harness our years of experience in procuring, allocating and distributing charitable proceeds to a low-income background family.


One of the Leading Jewish Charities Serving Communities in South Florida

Our scriptures remind us to help our brothers in need, which is what JNC aims to do through each initiative undertaken by us. A charity organization, based on a Jewish value-system, our primary objective is to build a hopeful tomorrow. So, whether it is donating funds or donating your vehicle to our cause, you can sow the seed for turning over a new leaf in your life through JNC. Being a national charity, we are also considered one of the most reliable, private charities, which solely works for the benefit of our society. With our board of directors comprising people that are honest individuals, we’ve included ourselves in a group of national charities that are respected by one and all. Driven by compassion, JNC is symbolic of other Jewish charitable organizations guided by generosity.

So, intent on spreading positivity around you, take it upon yourself to donate to Jewish charities. This is because Jewish charities solely work for the poor, their benefit and their lives. Through us, one of the best Jewish charity organizations, you can reach out to people from any caste, race or creed.

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